About Us

Best Tool Review To Help tradesmen and DIYers find and choose the best rated tools on the market.

How we choose the best products

We normally choose between 5 and 10 products to give readers a range of options. However, we normally highlight 3 which falls in the the following categories:

  • Best Pick: This is our top recommendation. Usually this is suitable for the more serious professional who plans on using the tool on a frequent basis and requires the tool be top quality.
  • Best Value: This option is usually a mid-priced model for those who do not want to go out and buy the “very best money can buy”. This generally for the savy buyer who is looking to buy a good quality tool without the top end expense.
  • Best Budget: This is for those who are looking for a cheap option, but need a proven tool at the same time. Usually there are many options available on the market in this category, however, we filter through them to find the golden nugget.

We do NOT accept money in exchange for a favourable review or “best pick” recommendation.

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